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Ad Placement Agreement

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A basic advertising contract should include the name of the publication, the station, the website or the advertising vehicle; Your company name; The price of the advertising or advertising schedule The date, problems or shows in which the ad is to be shown placement in a print publication or a time at which the […]

Aapl Model Form Operating Agreement 2009

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If you use the form, note that when deleting something is simply crossed by the text instead of removing it from the document. This is planned because it is a written document and the other parties to the agreement should be able to easily view your revisions. Add the text inserted above the printed […]

6 Month Break Clause In Agreement

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A break clause is a clause in a tenancy agreement that offers both tenants and landlords the option of prematurely terminating the tenancy agreement during the term of term (for example.B. the tenant may cancel a rent of 12 months 6 months after the term of the term). In essence, each party can “break” […]