Tactical Solutions Pac Lite

On September 15, 2007 I reviewed the Tactical Solutions Pac Lite.  The Pac Lite is an aftermarket replacement receiver for the Ruger family of semi-automatic 22LR pistols.  The receivers are all aluminum and are machined from a single piece of solid aircraft aluminum.  They are very lightweight.  The barrels are chrome-moly inserts.  Mine is equipped with a integrated rail system that has its own sight.  You can mount optics as well.  It also has a high visibility fiber-optic front sight and a lower accessory rail for mounting a light or a laser.  Here are some pictures.

Pac Lite in Depth

This particular Pac Lite is the 4.5 inch barrel version with the threaded end.  The end is threaded in 1/2X28TPI.  This is the common barrel threading for 22LR muzzle silencers commonly available in the USA.  The upper is considered the receiver on the firearm and therefore must be transferred through a licensed FFL dealer in your state.  Removing your existing upper receiver and replacing it with the Pac Lite is easy and can be accomplished in about 5 minutes.  Retail price of the receiver is $285 for the pistol.  The integrated rail, fiber-optic sight, and the lower accessory rail are extra.  The weight of the Pac Lite upper as show is only 8.7 ounces.  Compare that to the weight of a MKIII 22/45 with 5.5 bull barrel which weighs in at 18.4 ounces!

For this review I compared two common Ruger semi-automatic pistol hosts, the MK III and the MKIII 22/45.  The MKIII is the gun shown in the above pictures.  The lower weighs 12.7 ounces while the MKIII 22/45 weighs only 5.5 ounces.  The 22/45 uses a polymer lower, thus the reduced weight.  Starting with a stock 4 inch tapered barrel MKIII, the factory weight is 33.3 ounces.  When the Pac Lite is installed the weight drops to 29.9 ounces.  Starting with a stock 5.5 inch bull barreled MKIII 22/45, the factory weight is 32.5 ounces.  Using the Pac Lite upper the weight drops to only 22.8 ounces. 

Summary and Conclusions

I like the feel and weight of the Pac Lite upper.  Tactical Solutions makes a fine quality product at a reasonable price.  Coming from the factory pre-threaded makes this weapon a good choice for a suppressor host.  In shooting the Ruger pistol with a silencer, I have noted slightly louder meter readings when compared to shooting other silenced pistols.  I am performing additional testing on multiple silencer hosts in the near future to confirm my initial findings. 

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