Appa Mutual Aid Agreement

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Webinar Mutual Assistance Series: Meeting #1 “Implementing the Incident Command Structure” The Playbook lists roles and responsibilities for public services, network coordinators and national coordinators. The Playbook also offers standard mutual assistance agreements, damage assessment models, and resource requirement and assistance authorization forms before, during and after an event. The mutual assistance agreement covers compensation, workers` compensation and operator qualification: 3) mutual aid processes during the pandemic. This Webinar series will include lessons and case studies from companies that have successfully implemented the mutual assistance components listed above. Registration is $250 for the entire series and $99 for a session. contact information of a public service person who receives mutual assistance and can confirm your submission. Mutual Aid Webinar Series: Session #3 “Updating Mutual Aid Processes to Prepare for a Pandemic” The American Gas Association in coordination with the American Public Gas Association, Northeast Gas Association, Southern Gas Association, MEA Energy Association, Canadian Gas Association and Distribution Contractors Association organizes a Mutual Aid Webinar Series and 30,12:30-14:00 EDT. This virtual event will take place through TEAMS and will focus on three main areas:1. Implementing an Incident Control Structure Example Form A: Response Requirements (Access to Members Only) Helping each other is at the heart of what the public authorities do. They are basically neighbors who help neighbors – even if your “neighbour” is a sister who is hundreds (or thousands) away. The APGA Mutual Aid program was officially approved by the APGA Board of Directors in May 2019 and was developed with contributions from the APGA Operations -Safety Committee and APGA`s Mutual Aid Action Group. The program guidelines are intended to enable APGA members to participate as much as possible in almost 100%. Mutual Aid Webinar Series: Session #2 “Conducting Effective Scenario-Based Mock Drills” The Mutual Aid Playbook helps public energy suppliers participate in coordinated disaster management operations with federal and federal officials.

Example C: Available resources and status summary (access to members only) 2. Planning and executing Scenario-based Mock drills. . If you are a utility that has widespread disaster-related failures in your area, talk to your national or regional network coordinator. For more requests, email us to [email protected].

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