Bacs Approved Bureau Agreement

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The Bacs Approved Bureau (BAB) system conducts regular inspections that assess the technical competence and operational integrity of the BAB. Bacs does not conduct an evaluation and does not accept any guarantees as to the suitability or suitability of approved offices for other purposes. As a result, a potential user of a BAB should be advised independently. A Bacs-approved office does not charge a fee for the bank transfer itself, which is charged directly by your bank, although they are not involved in the transmission of payments (expect something between 8p and 25p per line – file fees). An office approved by Bacs allows a company with a bank authorization to send payments via Bacs software: you import a payment file to the Bacs office, which will then provide you with instructions. This allows you to debit a lump sum from your commercial bank account without the need to interact directly with the bank. When you sign up for FastPay, you`ll receive a unique SUN for your business. This means that your company name and logo, not the impersonal name of your office, will appear on all documents. The use of an office approved by Bacs can also have several advantages: if you are approved as a BAB, you will also be charged an annual fee; this figure is graduated by transactions per year and ranges from $340 to $1,500. Whatever the reason a company chooses a collection office, it ensures that the payment collection process goes smoothly and limits the liability of the business owner.

Offices are an extremely safe method of collecting payments. Each Office approved by Bacs is subject to periodic audit and verification by Bacs to ensure that they meet the standards set out in the regulations. Makes the SUN application process easier. Some offices provide you with support for bank approval. With GoCardless, you can use our SUN to get you started right away. With GoCardless Pro, we help you get your own SUN in a process that only lasts 4-6 weeks (instead of 4-9 months). If you want to take control of your payment collections, appointing a Bacs accredited office to manage them to revolutionize your accounting systems. More than half of the organizations that use the Bacs service present their payment shipments through one of our authorized offices instead of submitting directly to Bacs. Bacs inspectors check the adequacy of the offices to ensure that they meet the standards set out in the regime. And the introduction of direct debits brings your business up to date with the latest technology.

Your desktop processing systems can be integrated into applications such as Xero and Sage to improve efficiency and minimize unnecessary administration. A Service User Number (SUN) is a unique code for each customer who connects to a member of the De Bacs office list. Bacs uses SUNs as a form of identifier to record all related transactions. Suppose you own an audit firm with about 200 clients, 40 of whom are quite large. With an office, you have the option to process your payslip and charge a monthly fee, say 40 euros. GoCardless is a Bacs-approved office and offers your business a cost-effective way to collect. For more information, call us on 020 8338 9537 or send a message to our experts Direct: Organizations opt for an office approved by Bacs: A Bacs Approved Bureau is an office controlled by Bacs and included in their system. First inspection by Bacs is a rigorous process and even if you have permission, bins do regular checks that make sure your procedures and security measures are squeaky.

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