Digital Content Distribution Agreement

Posted: December 7, 2020 in Uncategorized

(vii) they have obtained all the consents, licences and/or privileges of third parties necessary for the conclusion and implementation of this agreement, including, but not exclusively, those arising from trade union or collective agreements, and no other measures or authorizations of a distribution channel, De Vampr or a third party, and no payment to third parties are required to meet the terms of this agreement; (a) In addition to the guarantees you provided in paragraph 5 below, you agree not to undertake activities related to the use of the Services. Fraud is defined as “unauthorized use of copyrighted material (copyright infringement); Violation of a law governing the ownership of rights holders; the use of artists` names, bands or labels (modified) or works of art that may create confusion or erroneous expectations of content made available to consumers through distribution channels (i.e. music spam); the use of automated digital robots or other means to “click” on payment generation links that will occur as consumers (i.e. Click Fraud), creating unsealed and fraudulent income; downloading distorted music also to generate revenue and other unauthorized activities that are contrary to the terms of use or agreements we have with distribution channels.” (b) without limitation of the indicative nature of the digital distribution services provided by our digital distribution solutions provider, can be verified in paragraph 2.2 of the terms of use and contain services: which are described as “Transmission by any means of transmission or communication of data” via the Internet, Internet radio, kiosks, in-store headphones, mobile, wireless, satellite and similar communication systems, whether known or available in the future, titles and content in several digital formats, including, but not limited to clips, permanent downloads, subscriptions, time streams and downloads, ringtones and ringtones and other means.” (f) If you are considered a violation of this Fraud Directive, we have the right to terminate this contract: and any money we withdraw from you for fraudulent or non-fraudulent use of the Service may be recovered by withholding these sums from future payments (“withheld payments”), and to the extent that fraudulent and/or hurtful activities are determined on the basis of your actions, all costs incurred by them (including legal fees and fees) may be deducted by us, among other remedies, from any future payments that are depending on you.

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