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3. Duly empowered officials of one of the contracting parties may, with the agreement of the other party concerned and under the conditions set by the other party, receive information from the offices of the required authority or authority under the jurisdiction of the required authority, on transactions that are or are likely to be contrary to the customs legislation that the applicant authority requires for the purposes of this protocol. The contracting parties agree that the provisions of Article 1, point (e), the protocol do not affect Morocco`s right to special and differentiated treatment and other derogations granted to developing countries by the agreement on the implementation of Article VII of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. 4. The officials of either contracting party may, with the agreement of the other party and under the conditions it sets, be present in the territory of that party for reasons of reflection. These procedures are adopted after this agreement comes into force by mutual agreement between the parties and the most appropriate instruments. (b) the establishment of a legal framework for the promotion of investment, including the conclusion by Morocco and the Member States of agreements on investment protection and double taxation. Diplomatic relations between Morocco and the European Union date back to 1960, when a trade agreement was concluded. A first cooperation agreement was signed in 1976. CONSIDERING the importance that the parties attach to the principles of the United Nations Charter, in particular respect for human rights and political and economic freedom that form the very foundation of the association; The accumulation of origin means that a product can be processed from a partner country or can be added to a product from another partner country, but can nevertheless be considered a “product of origin” of that second partner country for the purpose of a specific trade agreement. Morocco and the EU have also signed an open skies agreement. The agreement is the first to be outside Europe`s borders.

It came into force in the summer of 2006. I would be grateful if you would confirm that your government agrees with the votes above. Consultations are the fundamental mechanism for resolving disputes between the partners of the free trade agreement. The agreement requires the parties to work to resolve any differences between them regarding the interpretation and implementation of the agreement through direct consultations and, where appropriate, consultations within the joint committee. In cases where consultations do not result in a satisfactory solution, the parties may return to arbitration. Appendix VIII governs the Constitution and the functioning of the Tribunal. The pan-Euro-Mediterranean cumulative system was introduced in 2005. It brings together the EU, Morocco and other European and Mediterranean partners to support regional integration through the creation of a common system of rules of origin. Rules of origin are the technical criteria for determining whether a particular product is eligible for duty-free access or other preferential access under a specific trade agreement. It makes its decisions and recommendations by mutual agreement between the two parties. 1. When Morocco enters into agreements with other Mediterranean countries for the establishment of free trade, the European Community is prepared to consider the accumulation of origin in its trade with these countries.

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