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Audit (Licensing Compliance Audit – Compliance Review – Self-Assessment) An IBM customer`s compliance/licensing incompliance. IBM has implemented an extensive audit program around the world, with the help of external auditors such as KPMG and Deloitte (see and for program details). These compliance audits are the identification and subsequent compensation for un conceded software that has been discovered. Transfers of claims The only way to achieve compliance at the site number level and therefore at the entity level. IBM authorizes a group balance (see IBM`s standard agreement) for a multi-numbered location company, so group-level compliance may not mean compliance on each site. AAE transfers are an administrative process with IBM. Reception sites — usually — to their IBM sales agent — provide information about what permissions they should get and what services they should receive. Permission of the giving sites is then necessary. Your IBM sales agent can provide you with the necessary form that needs to be filled out to trigger transfers.

For program licensing agreements for programs announced prior to May 1, 1999, please contact your on-site IBM office or your local IBM partner. Passport Advantage (PPA) A system that IBM has offered to its customers with different obligations and rights (in the International Passport Advantage Agreement) and services related to the acquisition of rights to sites (identified by a single site number), for example.B. One-click payment, automatic renewal, reports, etc. All legitimate claims, i.e. the rights available in AAE, can be purchased on a website: permanent licenses and FTL, subscription – support (S-S), fixed term rights (FTL), recovery, migration and trade-ups. The Certificate of Authorization (PoE) can be downloaded in PDF format for a limited time. Various reports, such as. B that active maintenance, historical purchases, extensions, can be exported to XML or Excel format. “You won`t get what you deserve. You get what you have the leverage to negotiate.

So make sure you have [this] leverage before you negotiate,” said Eugene Cho of Needham, Mass-based consulting firm ClearEdge Partners.

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