Ipfa Enterprise Agreement

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Information to be published in accordance with the information publishing system, including future requests under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, will be www.ipfa.gov.au/privacy-legals#freedom-of-information available on the IPFA website. The awarding of security such as the ship`s mortgage, the shipbuilding contract (or the sales contract), the hull insurance claims and the claims on charter royalties (or charter contracts) provide long-term financing for the purchase of a ship. Please note that your data entered into the registration form is used after the webinar to create your individual account for ipfa.org (unless you already have one) where you can log in to manage the information we have stored for you. The leases relate to payments to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM-C) as part of a sublease contract for accommodation located in Canberra and Sydney premises, which are leased by PM-C. The agreement has no fixed duration and can be drafted by both parties. Depending on the terms of the sublease, IPFA reimburses the owner for the MP-C fee. 17AG(4) (c) page 19 Information on enterprise agreements, individual flexibility agreements, employment contracts in Australia, common law contracts and provisions covered in paragraph 24, paragraph 1 of the Public Services Act 1999. 17AG(4) (c) (i) page 19 Information on the number of SES workers and non-SES covered by the agreements, etc. PO Box 6500 Barton ACT 2600 Email ipfa@ipfa.gov.au Website www.ipfa.gov.au The electronic version of this report is available under www.ipfa.gov.au/ Reports 17AG (10) (b) Page 26 An overview of how the company`s procurement practices support small and medium-sized businesses.

In 2017-18, IPFA appeared three times in the Senate`s estimates: the instructions of the CEO Authority (AAI) support them by giving IPFA employees and contractors additional direction in the conduct of purchasing activities on behalf of IPFA. IPFA`s main OBJECTIVE is to support the Commonwealth`s provision of infrastructure investment by providing independent business and financial advice. The above statement should be read in conjunction with the accompanying instructions. . Ministry of Environment and Energy as part of the Port Augusta Concentrated Solar Heating Project. mechanisms to prevent fraud, detect, investigate and report to meet their specific needs; and 17AH (1) (d) page 23 Page 23 Referral to the location of the Corporate Information Publication Scheme`s statement pursuant to Part II of the FOI ACT.

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