Traduction Fully Executed Agreement

Posted: December 19, 2020 in Uncategorized

The client has a period of 10 (ten) working days from receipt of translation or correction documents to indicate in writing any disagreements about the quality of service. At the end of this period, the service is considered to be properly provided and no dispute can be initiated. To this end, the customer undertakes to consider each acknowledgement by mail, fax or e-mail as proof of delivery. Any breach of this duty of confidentiality by the service provider would seriously prejudice EUROPA. The service provider is fully liable to EUROPA for any breach of this obligation of confidentiality and undertakes to compensate EUROPA or its customers for all the consequences of such an infringement. In order to prove the existence of this acceptance of the offer, the client undertakes to consider a fax, email, copy or digital media file as equivalent to the original and as proof in its own right. To definitively validate the order, the customer must return the offer to Studio Translation SARL, without any change, either by mail or perfax, signed with the declaration “valid for the agreement” if the offer was sent to him by fax or letter or mail with the consent of the latter, if the offer was sent to him by e-mail. If the offer is not accepted, Studio Translation SARL reserves the right not to provide the service. If the customer does not give explicit consent to these new terms of delivery and/or billing, Studio Translation SARL reserves the right not to initiate the provision of its services. The prices of the services that appear on the ORDER of EUROPA ARE fixed, final, non-adjustable and are taken into account like all taxes.

If the service provider has signed a framework agreement with EUROPA, the prices indicated in the order are calculated in accordance with the provisions agreed in this framework agreement. The service provider cannot under contract the provision of services without the prior written agreement of EUROPA. Before performing a service, the service provider`s subcontractor must obtain prior written authorization from EUROPA, otherwise the order will be cancelled.

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