Which Two Countries Signed Agreement For The Modernisation Of Indian Railways

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As part of the Indian Railways solar mission, Indian railways have implemented a policy to refer to solar power plants on the roofs of railway sites, which will help reduce dependence on fossil fuels by generating electricity from solar panels. To learn more about the indorsed cooperation in the railways and beyond, follow the action on social networks with #SPIEFIndia. The direct release of human waste from trains on the rails corrodores the rails that cost the IR tens of millions of rupees each year. By rinsing biotoi toilets, human waste is released into an underfloor storage tank, where anaerobic bacteria eliminate harmful pathogens and break down waste into neutral water and methane, which can then be safely released onto the tracks. [15] The IR plans to completely remove direct discharge toilets by 2020 or 2021. In 2016, new buses were installed and older vehicles are gradually being redesigned. After comptroller and auditor General of India found 200,000 complaints related to unpleasant smell and blocked organic toilets, the IR announced that it would add 80,000 biotoiles (1 lakh each) in the 2018-2019 fiscal year and begin installing significantly improved “biotoiles” (2.5 lakhs each). [17] In February 2018, more than 100,000 biotoiles have been installed and the project is expected to have 100% biotoiles by March 31, 2019. [18] Mr. Fabrice Morenon, Managing Director of SNCF Hubs – Connections, said: “We are very proud to work with the IRSDC on this contract, which encompasses important areas of know-how that we have developed in the operation of 3,000 stations in France.

These include the management of stations and their finances, the promotion of commercial development, the full use of each space and the maintenance and management of the main transport nodes. India`s gross railway revenues for the year ending March 2016 are estimated at 167,834 kronor ($25.03 billion), as in the 2016-2017 rail budget. In addition, for the 2016/17 GJ, gross transportation revenues were estimated at 184,820 kronor ($27.56 billion), an increase of 10.1%. As a consultant, The Indian Railways has commissioned Ernst and Young (EY) to discover its advertising potential, which is consistent with the Railway Budget`s proposal to increase non-tariff revenues to more than 5,000 kronor ($745.57 million) over the next five years. The Indian Railway`s network is growing at a healthy pace. Over the next five years, the Indian railway market will be the third largest, with 10% of the world market. According to Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways and Coal, Indian Railways, one of the country`s largest employers, can create one million jobs. In December 2015, the Indian Ministry of Railways and the Russian Railways signed a technical cooperation agreement in the railway sector. The MoU identifies several key areas of cooperation, such as the modernization of existing Indian railway lines to increase train speeds to 160-200 km/h, modern control and safety systems based on satellite navigation and digital communications, as well as satellite and geo-information technologies.

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