Zia Enterprise License Agreement

Posted: December 22, 2020 in Uncategorized

In accordance with a zero network model, as recommended by the NCSC, the service provides ZPA/ZIA licenses and additional supply services for ZScaler Internet Access/Zscaler Private Access. Provides access to older apps hosted on-site or via the PSN gateway. Supports XP, Win8, Win10, Mac, Mobile, browser-based access. SMARTER TECHNOLOGIES GROUP LIMITED Elaine Glock Phone: `440203888201 Email: enquiries@smartertechnologies.com software license and optional services for ZScaler Internet Access (ZIA), Private Access (ZPA) and Z. Decoupling private internal applications from the physical network and allowing users to access selected applications without the security risk or complexity of VPNs. Our experts advise/provide services in the configuration, configuration, provision and management of your Zscaler platform. ..

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