Icmje Author Agreement

Posted: April 10, 2021 in Uncategorized

If we encounter disagreements between the authors, we follow the instructions of the Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE) – see here and here. Any changes to the authors and/or contributors after the first submission must be approved by all authors. This applies to additions, deletions, order changes to authors or different contributions. Changes must be explained to the publisher. The publisher can contact one of the authors and/or contributors to determine if they have agreed to amend the directive. b) however, for BMJ research articles with many authors in which these authors do not choose a group, we will not be able to publish a BMJ-Pico in the print edition of the BMJ. These research articles are only used for online publication (thebmj.com). The people doing the work are responsible for determining who meets these criteria and should ideally do so when planning the work, making changes accordingly during the work. The author concerned assumes the main responsibility of communicating with the journal during the presentation of the manuscripts, peer review and the publication process and generally ensures that all administrative requirements of the journal, such as the provision of paternity details, the authorization of the ethics commission, the documentation of clinical trial registration and the collection of forms and explanations of conflicts of interest, are properly met, although these tasks may be delegated to one or more co-authors. (a) when the authors form a group for the main line of the article, they are also listed individually: -as collaborators in the Medline/PubMed entry of the article; As authors in a statement on group authority at the end of the article on thebmj.com; As a participant in the contribution statement at the end of the article on thebmj.com. Those who do not meet the four paternity criteria should be recognized.

We will contain only one author per article. Other details of the contribution (for example the same contribution. B) must be included in the contribution or recognition sections at the end of the article. If a large multi-author group has made the work, the group should ideally decide who will be the author before the work begins, and confirm who is an author before submitting the manuscript for publication. All members of the group who have been designated as authors should meet the four paternity criteria, including the approval of the final manuscript, and be able to assume public responsibility for the work and have full confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the work of other group authors. They are also supposed to fill out disclosure forms as individuals. Fatherhood confers credits and has important academic, social and financial implications.

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