Twin Club Agreement

Posted: April 13, 2021 in Uncategorized

Refer to potential members and we`ll help you connect them to the right club. Only current members can expel new members. To send someone back to your own club, contact your club secretary. Finding a suitable twin club should be an association effort. The concerns and opinions of each member of the association must be taken into account if the game is to be successful. In search of an association of partners, associations must be able to recognize their interests, strengths and weaknesses. A brief summary of the association should be written for possible games and future correspondence. When selecting a club of twins, clubs may want to consider careful planning and clear communication is essential to build a strong relationship. Like any other rewarding project, Rotaract twin clubs need time and effort. It is essential to ensure that each association clearly understands its role and responsibility in the partnership. To formalize the relationship, clubs may wish to sign a simple contract letter outlining the objectives and length of the partnership. Use your imagination and gather innovative ideas to build your twin club relationship.

Some ideas for developing a strong relationship are: ♦ a pal pen/e-mail network to match with the twin club Rotaractors ♦ company a small international or community service project ♦ Take part in a friends exchange by the Rotaractor visit organization ♦ observe a joint day or a week -end to celebrate the partnership ♦ Exchange projects or club program ideas ♦ a video conference or web-based meeting ♦ exchange crafts and local products Twin Clubs are two clubs from different countries of Rotary International (RI) that have established close ties and have agreed: to regroup, to follow a specific program. This can take the form of an international service project, an exchange of friends or cultural exchanges. Clubs are invited to register this relationship as part of this activity and are encouraged to implement a common program or project to develop understanding among peoples. ♦ The international aspect of Rotaract service and friendship ♦ Establish a long-term relationship with another association that will lead to ongoing projects ♦ to improve understanding of another culture and promote goodwill. Once you have determined what type of club would be an appropriate game, the next step is to look for a club that meets the criteria. Below are some ideas for finding a partner: Rotary members share ideas, make plans, hear about the community, and call on friends during club programs that fuel the effect we`re doing.

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