Webex Flex Enterprise Agreement

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The Cisco Expressway series is part of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager product family to provide access to mobile, office and fixed customers. The app offers extensive multi-modal firewall and access services for voicemail, video, instant messaging and presence, directory and visual voice communication outside your corporate headquarters, without the need for a VPN. Contains. We work closely with companies to develop Cisco enterprise agreements that allow our customers to integrate new technologies flexibly while achieving maximum financial savings. In recent years, the Enterprise Agreement model has become a very preferred option for both suppliers and progressive customers. Cisco Unified Communications Manager provides an Enterprise-class IP call processing system. In addition to traditional telephony features, it offers advanced features such as video. Additional licenses for phone and video desktop devices in the common space and Cisco TelePresence Room licenses are available to customers who require licenses in excess of 50% of all Knowledge workers. In addition, essential licenses for analog devices and fax machines are included.

Your EUIF should reflect: a) your number of knowledge workers at the company level and b) 250 knowledge workers. Workers knowledge refers to your employees and contractors who use computer or communication equipment that Cisco Webex, Cisco Unified Communications Manager or Cisco Meeting Server can perform as part of their tasks performed on your behalf. Your knowledge worker number also includes employees of a related business unit included in your initial subscription contract. Your knowledge workers will receive unique accounts that cannot be shared or shared by anyone other than the knowledge worker listed. The knowledge worker`s account cannot be transferred to another person except: (a) the termination of the Knowledge Worker`s employment or (b) with prior written permission from Cisco. DF: Flex licensing agreements include an integrated growth of 20% for the total number of knowledge workers in your company. If by chance you exceed this, first of all, congratulations for the great growth of the business. We will then update the contract to reflect the actual number of users.

From there, you get 20% more installed. Cisco Unified Communications Manager EMS helps companies create a centralized architecture to manage and develop their networks in a simpler and more efficient way when cooperation requirements change. With SMEs, companies: DF: nothing that should be worried. Organizations can change their medium-term contracts to add additional services or change the place of supply. It`s flexible, you might say. Cisco Unity Express offers integrated messaging, voicemail, fax, automated telephone exchanges, interactive voice response (IVR), time map management and many other messaging features on the Cisco ISR platform. It offers integrated services specifically designed for small and medium-sized office environment or business establishment. With Cisco Unity Express, you can easily manage your messages and voice greetings via your web browser via a web browser, intuitive phone messages, a user-friendly voice interface (the Cisco Unity Express VoiceView Express app), email messaging access, and a simple graphical interface for simple management and management. The authorization is based on the number of licenses and not on the distribution platform. On each hosted platform that requires you to own or bring your own license, the same permission is transferred, so the agreement covers both instances. Cisco Webex Calling for SP is a cloud calling offering that targets service providers and provides a proven enterprise class cloud installation.

Cisco Webex Calling is the latest cloud calling offering that offers hosted corporate class calling cisco features.

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