Cooperative Agreement Number

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2. A summary of the research shall be due up to 90 days after the expiry of the cooperation agreement, whether or not the aid continues under another cooperation agreement. The purpose of this report is to bring together all the research carried out during the duration of the cooperation agreement. Both cooperation agreements and grants “transfer anything of value from the federal agency or Pass Through to the non-federal agency to fulfill a public purpose.” (a) the agents of the agreement should make every use of their power to prepare information projects on cooperation agreements prior to procurement. Any draft documentation published for comment must contain all factors/sub-factors. Draft documents should be as close as possible to the final product. Draft notifications of cooperation agreements (CAAs) or cooperation agreements (CAs) should include general conditions, special requirements and expected cash and in-kind benefits. (b) To the extent that a risk of injury or loss is not explicitly addressed in this Agreement, each Party`s liability to the other Party arising out of this Agreement, whether or not arising out of an alleged breach of this Agreement, shall be limited to direct damages only and shall not include loss of revenue or profits or other indirect or consequential damages. (ii) has not informed the decision of the contract, within thirty calendar days of the announcement of the termination, of its intention to appeal pending the decision of termination.

Novation is the only way to transfer a cooperation agreement from one beneficiary to another. (ii) if an inability to reach an agreement in accordance with subsection (g) (5) (i) of this Section; require NASA to invoke exceptional circumstances required by 37 CFR 401.3 (a) (2) where the potential subcontractor is a small business or organization, or, for any other organization, that such rights be included for the recipient as an additional reservation in a waiver statement granted pursuant to Part 1245 CFR; Subsection 1. Such requests to NASA should be prepared and submitted to the contract officer, taking into account the following guidelines. (d) petitions that are submitted with selected proposals for the negotiation of an agreement are forwarded for processing by the contractor or principal agent to the patent attorney in the Annex and then to the Inventions and Contributions Board. The Board of Directors will consider these petitions and, when the Board of Directors makes the findings in support of the declaration of waiver, the Board of Directors will recommend to the Director that the waiver be granted and will inform the petitioner and the person in charge of the contract of the Director`s decision. The contract delegate shall be informed by the Management Board if there is insufficient time, information or other reasons to take a decision without unduly delaying the execution of the agreement. In the latter case, the petitioner is informed by the contract representative. All other petitions are dealt with by a patent attorney and forwarded to the House. . . .

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