Labour Court Registered Employment Agreement

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11. Adaptation of employment contracts resulting from the registration of the employment contract In addition to provisions such as the national minimum wage, some workers are subject to special agreements that deal with the remuneration and working conditions of the workers concerned and may be included in a worker`s employment contract. C: The parties undertake to ensure the job security of workers and to respect their employment contracts. The Industrial Relations Act (Amendment) Act 2015 provides for a system of registered employment contracts. ยง 8 of the Act requires the Labour Court to keep a register of employment contracts. A: The current conditions of employment of staff at Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann are not affected by the tender for bus and coach services. An REA may fix the remuneration and conditions of employment of the workers defined in the agreement. An REA must be registered with the Labour Court. The effect of registration makes the REA mandatory for subscribers. 6 This employment contract applies to all workers employed by Dublin Bus or Bus Eireann in the following grades: Section 7(1) of the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2015 provides that the court shall establish and maintain a register of employment contracts. Please consult the attached register.

Judicial labour register of employment contracts 2. The terms of the employment contract, registered on 19 September 2016 by the Labour Court and set out in the timetable, are confirmed by this decision. An Employment Decree (ERO) sets minimum wage rates and employment conditions for workers in a given sector of activity. Employers are then required to pay wage rates and create conditions of employment that are no less favourable than those set. 12. Interpretation of registered employment contracts, 12. . . .

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