Pesky Bolt Noise…can I get rid of it?

Ever wanted a really quiet shot out of your Ruger 10/22 when using your favorite silencer?  We all have shot a suppressed semi-automatic 10/22 and thought…”Hey, all you can hear is the bolt noise!”  So it becomes a natural thought to take that sound out of the equation too.  Most guys just put a stout thumb behind the bolt while cradling the weapon from underneath, but that seldom works, nor does it help with accuracy.  Bolt action suppressed 22LR’s are super quiet, so its logical to want to get that sound level, but still have the semi automatic option in the same gun.  We all want the best of both worlds!  Enter the Colossic Bolt Lock for the Ruger 10/22.  It’s a replacement charging handle for the famous Ruger 10/22 carbine.  All you do is replace your current charging handle with the replacement from Colossic.  The procedure takes about 5 minutes.

The Colossic Bolt Lock weighs in at only 1.2 ounces while the standard factory charging handle weighs .85 ounces.  Anyone familiar with the fine intricacies of making a semi auto 22LR work, knows that such minor changes can affect the function of the rifle.  Our testing showed no problems with the function of the rifle using the bolt lock.


Bolt Lock Engaged

Bolt Lock Disengaged

 Testing the Colossic Bolt Lock System

There are two aspects we need to test on any bolt lock system.  First we need to see if it really makes the suppressed gunshot any quieter.  Next we need to see if point of impact shift is changed by engaging the lock system.  If we cannot be accurate with and without the bolt lock, it doesn’t really become a truly useful device.  Utilizing two in-calibration Bruel and Kjaer 2209 sound pressure level meters and the protocols set forth in MIL STD 1474D, we tested at the reference location and at the left ear location.  This is correct MIL STD testing using correct equipment.  I first tested bolt drop noise with a series of 15 bolt drops.  This was done without ammunition in the magazine, so its slightly louder than when the weapon actually chambers a round, but the difference is insignificant.  We then fired the weapon using CCI Standard Velocity WITHOUT using the bolt lock.  The final test was with the bolt lock engaged for each shot.  Ten shots were used for each of the live fire tests.

Sound Test of the Colossic Bolt Lock

As you can see from the results, the bolt lock system didn’t really didn’t make any significant changes in the sound pressure levels recored by the impulse sound meters.  Technically speaking for the human ear to detect a difference between sound pressure levels, at least one dB is required.  However, sound pressure meters don’t always predict how a gunshot sounds in real life.  I could detect a slight difference when I performed the tests with the bolt lock engaged.  Also I use a rubber/composite bolt buffer in my Ruger 10/22 to soften the metal to metal contact when the bolt flies rearward to dampen that sound.  Next up was accuracy testing.  I tested the suppressed, non-locked system at 30 yards and then engaged the system to lock the bolt for each shot.  The group was not changed enough to warrant adjusting zero between modes.  When I tested at 100 yards, the impact shifted about 1.5 inches to the left when the lock was engaged, but people seldom shoot 22LR at 1o0 yards so, point of impact shift was really not an issue.

The XCaliber Genesis Silencer

For this test we used the XCaliber Genesis silencer.  It is one of the quietest, most affordable 22LR silencer available today and can be obtained from your local class 3 dealer or online at  The Genesis is a K baffle silencer that comes apart for cleaning by the end user and offers virtually no first round pop when used on a pistol.  The Silencer Store also offers AR15 spacers, Walther P22 adapters, 308 Adapters, silencer pouches and much more.

The Colossic Bolt lock system is a nice addition to any suppressed Ruger 10/22 setup where the end user doesn’t want bolt noise to enter the equation.  The system doesn’t have serious detrimental effects on accuracy at reasonable ranges, nor does it impede the function of the host weapon.  The locking system is easy to install and use.  As I got used to the system, function was effortless and didn’t cause jams.  The bolt lock is available from the manufacturers website here

Here is a video of the sound testing:

We hope you enjoyed the review and will check back for more reviews in the future.